Ummm…. *looks around nervously*

This is awkward. I have just added an About Page, and would you believe it? What I wanted to say in this post…. is on that.

So on this, my first post, I’ll just wave madly and say “HI! Hello, is it my Bloggy you’re looking for?”  *Clears throat.*

Huggage sent. Califi :kisses:


2 thoughts on “Waves

  1. Congratulations on publishing your first opening blog entry. Woohoo!

    It has been great chatting with you via email the past few days. My fandom vibes are just bursting with excitement. New C/A ficlets, and drabbles, and uber-sexy scenes (in a location you won’t want to know about) and a new short story have simply been pouring from my brain into my computer.

    I’m also excited to see what you have in store for Mercenary Hearts now that you are working on it again. Angel and Spike are mercenaries for hire. Take my money, honey. I’ve got a job they can do. LOL. 😉

  2. Aww, Thankoo, Lysa *shmooshies*

    It’s really weird having an actual BLOG after all the years just running an Archived- version of one. Hoping we find loads of like-minded crazy people/writers, just like …. well, Moi, (maybe not, haha! ) Let’s stick with more awesome Writers like yourself instead. 😉 x


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