Another Day, Another Chapter…

*Quick wave* 😀

To those following the WiP fic I’m currently working to finish, Just letting you know I’ve published the latest Chapter: Mercenary Hearts 9.


Currently (in draft form), there are more chapters – up to #16+ at the moment, so it shouldn’t be too long before I publish more.  Have to admit chomping at the bit to move onto another WiP: Right of Possession (3 Chapters published so far) – or Getting to Know You (currently published with 16 Chapters).


If anyone has a preference, drop a comment here and I’ll make the decision after MH is completed.


While I’m, here, another two (Other Author) Fic recommendations for you:

  • Changing the Past ~ ficbitch82 (aka Christie). Now, this is a WiP (sadly, arrgh!), in at 12 Chapters so far, but you can always try wheedling (like I frequently do, lol). C has my Bloggy link, and hopefully will pop in now and then *fingers crossed*- or make a comment on her Archive Page (I can notify her if the email is defunct).



You can read the Summaries at Site.  Enjoy 😎  Califi xxxx


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