A Day Off

Hi *waves* ๐Ÿ˜‰


I have spent over a day without once putting type to Doc, even though there are future draft scenes that need putting into coherent order. Am hoping today the urge- and creativity strikes to continue on with MH.

Spent last night eating take out and watching (finally) the Black Panther Movie with my daughter and one of my grand kids. Wow! I’m now fully in love with all the main characters, lol. And that accent! So beautiful. We tried to emulate it but alas, it didn’t go well, ๐Ÿ˜†

If you’re into the Marvel franchise I highly recommend watching the film if you haven’t already. 10/10. ticks all boxes.

Next one I’m waiting for is Spider man Homecoming – 2. Love, love the first one. The lad who played him was fantastic. Up to date my most favorite actor to play him, IMHO.ย  Hurry up Marvel, get that out there pleeeaase.

Only other news is my relatively new Bumble Bee fish have gone and had frys (babies)! so darn cute. The female must have been pregnant when I bought them. Only sad thing is one of my Sword Tail’s died. Admittedly it was rather sluggish when I bought him, but still, saddening to find him floating on the surface when I got up the other morning *sigh*.

Am surprised my Feather Fin catfish hadn’t started snacking on him. she’s a real (BIG) beauty, and will eat anything that can fit in her mouth, so small fish are not on my list to buy. Probably lost a portion of the fry’s before noticing them, but still around 7 left.


Anyhoo, that’s enough for today, lol. C x



2 thoughts on “A Day Off

  1. Sometimes you just need a day off from writing to reset your brain. I think that’s true especially after finally posting part of your fic and having to let it go. Open up MH, read through your notes, try to add a line here and there even if it just brainstorming and consider that a success. Do that to keep the story fresh in your head. When you’re ready, the words will come. Let me know if you’re stuck.

    Glad you enjoyed Black Panther. I thought it was better than Infinity Wars. It’s just a more focused, cohesive story. (I see a writing lesson in that for me, lol.)


  2. Lol! So true. I do need to reread- just got to actually sit down for longer than ten minutes today. *wibble* But will def put aside time later… wish me luck, eek!

    Yeah, and I’m still not over Loki dying (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO). He was bad, but *sigh* Suppose I could tie him up before trying to ravish him, mwahahaha. (I wish) ๐Ÿ˜‰ xxxxx


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