Copycat alert.

Hi peeps. 🙂


Not a happy bunny today – my second day with life-sucking Flu, and then I find that some arse has scraped my Archive (as in: copied it, lock stock & barrel) onto another website).

Looking at their source page, it is brimming with spam links they’ve added, so be warned. Have emailed them/it and hopefully they will do the decent thing and then I won’t have to report them to various bodies (including their Host).

The spam/rogue site is called (never heard of ‘top’ suffix before today), but I have heard of yakkedyyack. I used to own the .com version. GTC/A has always been on it’s own DN, ( so someone taking the mickey? Hmm.

This Registrant is in China. They have my old index page design, but the rest looks  just like my new theme – so please do check the DN when following links to GTC/A.


Now I’m off to die on the couch and (re)watch the rest of BtVS S06. I may be a C/A fan, but I do like Buffy & Spike -and the others.  😀

Peace. C xxxx


Update: My site, thanks to my Host has secured GTC/A it a bit more- and affected the scraper’s copies- except for my old-theme homepage. But have contacted their Host, and am hoping the whole thing is taken down.  A long 24 hours, phew! Scammers/Spammers should burn in hell imo. Misery-makers.


2 thoughts on “Copycat alert.

  1. Well, it sounds like you’re having a crap week so far. Hope that life-sucking flu goes away.

    Sounds like you should report that site anyway. If they’re doing this to you, they are probably doing it to a lot of others.


  2. LOL, I just emailed you – psyche! lolol. Yeah, I’ve reported them and hopefully will get a response from their host. Pond scum, grr. It does make you wonder. SSL certs helps a fair bit according to my host, so have done that for starters. C xxxxx


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