Feeling Better. New Chapter.

Hi all, *waves*

The flu has finally decided to leave my system, and am now only a little drained, but getting there. The reason it has taken me so long is due to my underlying Asthma, which doesn’t deal well with any kind of cold, ugh.   My Muse is still AWOL, but am hoping she comes creeping back now there is no chance of catching my germs, lolol.


Anyhoo, have just posted a new chapter of Mercenary Heats (14).  Have completed up to another 2 Chapters, but still have many drafts to complete. Guessing there will, in all, be around 20 plus.

Enjoy. C xxx


2 thoughts on “Feeling Better. New Chapter.

  1. Now that I have left you alone for 5 days of wellness, I suppose this means I should expect a rough draft sometime soon, right?

    How about a rough, rough draft? Or some discussion about the roughness of your rough draft?

    I’m working again (darn that pesky RL thing I have to do to pay the rent) the next couple of days. Fair warning before the stalking commences.

    Because… it will.

    1. Umm…. still in draft form *hides*. I printed the draft out to work on it, but so far, nada. Hoping to look at it again tomorrow when I have time to myself. I AM thinking about it, so that’s a plus, right? *hugs* C xxx


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