Hello out there! *waves*

Just a veteran Fanfic Writer… wayyy back in the day (around 2012ish, lol).

Not saying I was any good at it, but I created an Archive in about 2003 (it moved to WP Platform in 2015,as the original Site was hand coded – and not at allll Mobile-friendly, yikes!

Here be the Link if you have a love for Cordelia/Angel Fanfiction. There are many different Authors’ Fic on the Site. Enjoy. 🙂

Anyhoo, had a crazy idea to create a new C/A Fanfic Forum … The last was about TEN Years ago, so probably not the most sensible thing to do considering the age of the BtVS/AtS. It is a tentative toe-in-the-water project, giving it a month to see if it sticks.

This Blog was an idea of a good friend (and fellow writer) of mine, to sort of toss the net and see what I caught, re: C/A goodness. Am hoping for recced fic links, Sites, and general chat. We’ll see how this goes too, lol.

Sachi (aka Califi) xxx